Sunday, February 8, 2009

My First Ride to Pescadero

When I first arrived in Santa Cruz the weather was warm compared to the Seattle area I had left behind. One of the sunny weekends my brother decided to ride with me north up Hiway 1 to Pescadero. The town is a tiny crossroads a couple of miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. I found out later that the town has a wonderful bakery that produces artichoke bread, which has artichoke hearts throughout the bread. Now, as a native Californian, I grew up eating artichokes and have always had an emotional attachment to anything artichoke. I will go back one day specifically to find the heavenly bread.

We started out making our way up Hiway 1 by passing through the town of Santa Cruz. Once you head up the coast the towns are few and far between. It is the loveliest stretch of coastline I have ever ridden on, although the Oregon Coast was just as gorgeous.

We stopped and rode up alot of side roads off of the Hiway. My brother has covered all of them on his motorcycles over the years. This day he was riding his '69 Honda.

We stopped at ano nuevo lighthouse for a moment. The iceplant covering the tops of the cliffs is a sight to behold. When it blooms it is a sea of hot-pink flowers.

We continued our round trip back towards Santa Cruz and stopped for a last look at Greyhound Rock. This particular day there were minus tides, which means the sea was much further out than usual. This made the Rock accessable and you can see there are a few people who made it to the top. Any other day you cannot reach Greyhound rock.

It was a fun day of warm temps and comfortable riding. Next time I go north will be heading to Half Moon Bay. I am hoping B.B., Dave, Willy D. and Carol can go along for the ride. As soon as things dry out and warm up again, we are off.

This coastal living is good for the soul.


mrs rc said...

Sounds and looks like a fabulous ride! Gotta admit though, you're making a bit jealous. We did get out today as the sun was out and it almost hit 60 degrees (for a couple of minutes), but the scenery was nothing like shown here and I really wish it were warmer. I'm sitting down right now to a nice hot cup of cocoa!

Thanks for sharing your sunny skies with us back east. It gives us hope that spring will come--eventually.

Arizona Harley Dude said...

WOW! The pictures are stunning!! The last time I was on Highway 1 it was cold and raining. While still beautiful your pictures remind me of what I missed out on.

Willy D said...

You can’t ask for better riding than heading down the coast. I’m ready right now!

"Joker" said...

It actually hit around 50 here today - for the first time in a good 6 weeks. Even though it was warm enough to ride, the streets were a mucky mess of sand, melting ice and road salt. No thanks! Amazing the difference a few thousand miles makes in the weather. Looks beautiful! Wish I was there.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Great pictures!

Never heard of artichoke bread before but I absolutely LOVE artichokes! I'll have to go looking for it someday.

Ronman said...

Hey Becky,

Beautiful photographs. The coastal views are amazing. Thanks for sharing them with us.


irondad said...

So, Becky, here's a question that may have to wait longer for an answer. I know you moved because of work. Living in a climate like Seattle, ( south of Portland, OR ) I'd like your opinion on whether it would be worth moving there just for the warmer weather?

Becky said...

Mrs. RC:I feel for you having the cold weather and all. I must say even the photos don't do the views justice. You just can't capture it.

Arizona Harley Dude: Highway 1 can be treaturous in bad weather. When it is sunny the scenery makes me happy to be alive. You must come back.

Willy D: I hope we start having warmer weekends again and I am there.

Joker: Nice that you got a break in the cold. I don't like to ride unless the roads are clean. Sounds like that will be a while still for you. Wish you were here too.

Dean D-day: I hope to make a special trip just in search of that bakery with the bread. If you had a bread machine you could throw in some artichoke hearts and voila!

Ronman: Glad to see you are back. You must ride out here to the coast someday. It really is breathtaking.

Irondad: Emphatically, Yes. I've noticed a change in my overall mood ever since I arrived. The sun is out most days, and we've had a majority of 70 degree days since I got here in November. Over in the Silicon Valley the temps are more extreme. I don't miss the snow and cold weather you all have had this year. No question it is worth it.


bobskoot said...

I envy you and your good weather devoid of snow and ice. You make reference to it on nearly every post. Perhaps that is why Irondad is asking his question, but you should really tell him the truth, that "warm and sunny weather is really depressing" and it's hard to ride with the sun in your eyes all the time. (LOL)

bobskoot: wet coast scootin

FLHX_Dave said...

No doubt. We are there as soon as you are ready! For being a state with so much bullshit...this place does have much to offer is other ways.

Glad you were able to head out on the road. (I fell into a fire-pit back in the day around that beach...another story.)

Sangfroid said...

Wow! You got me a lil nostalgic. Did the 17 mile drive on CA-1 long back but that was in a cage.

Hope to do it sometime on a bike :-)

Till then, will live the xperience thru your posts. Keep them coming.


RidesNRoads said...

Very nice write up, just happen to find your blog on google. Excellent photos, wish we had those kind of places here in FL

Linda said...

*Love* that part of the world. :)


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