Saturday, December 6, 2008

New Helmets Rock

Before I left Seattle I ordered a new full face helmet for my son. He only had a half-helmet and was getting quite chilly on his rides to work and on weekend rides.
This helmet was found at Riders Discount's selection of Shoei Helmets. The prices were excellent and shipping was prompt, and free! The helmet I got him was the Shoei RF-1000.
Here is a review of some of its features:

Clean classic lines,very low key
Looks good on a lot of different bikes
Cool vents on back that are easy to open and close
Really nice sturdy opening mechanism for the visor
Very light, easy on the neck and back
Foam extremely comfortable
Fogs up a little bit at stops
Visibility is good in all directions
Nifty bag and extra pieces for nose and neck

He is very pleased with the helmet, and as his mother I think he is much safer with the full-face helmet. The road noise is also cut down considerably.

I would recommend checking out Riders Discount for a large selection of jackets, helmets, boots, and other gear at discount prices. They carry all the major brands and have a good selection of street and off-road gear.

I would definately go back to this website when I'm looking for more motorcycle gear, and can you ever have too much?