Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Last Days in Seattle

Saturday the sun broke out and the rain quit for a few days. We had to get out for one last weekend ride. We got a call from our friend in West Seattle and decided to make that our destination for the day.
It had rained for a couple of weeks straight, and not just that misty Seattle rain. It had been a downpour every day and dark and dreary on top of that. Saturday was dry, warm and sunny.

We took the interstate over to West Seattle, which is a completely seperate town from Seattle. It is a lovely place with a small town feel, awesome views back towards the City and also views across the water to several islands.

Once we arrived at our friend's, we decided to stretch and take a nice walk down the hill to a wooded park with nice pathways and views through the trees. This park eventually ends at the Vashon Ferry dock.

We all had a nice walk, which did us all good to get outdoors and move around. We tend to be lazy sometimes and don't get enough healthy exercise.

We rode back home just before dark, which nowadays is close to 4:30pm. It was great to be out again on the road, even though it was getting chilly by the time we got home.

Today I had some last minute errands to run and the sun was out again. The rain is threatening to come back tomorrow and not end anytime soon. It was my last time to ride in the Seattle area before I leave for California.

I got the bike out and took off for the Post Office, a snack, and then just to ride. The sun felt warm and the wind lovely on my face. I thoroughly savored every moment of my ride, knowing it would be the last for quite a while. I had so much work to do at home getting ready for my trip that I couldn't stay out as long as I would have liked. I was very happy that I got one last ride in.

As I rode home and parked the Vulcan for the last time, I had a moment of sadness. She will be joining me in California as soon as possible, but not soon enough for me.


Dean "D-Day" said...

Truly sad indeed. Thanks for sharing the ride with us.

B.B. said...

I'm glad you got to go out for a nice ride before you have to leave the Vulcan for a bit. Let me know if you still have my email so we can get together when you get out here.

FLHX_Dave said...

Bitter sweet. Moving forward means leaving something behind. Nice picts! The weather has been really nice here. You have riding buddies here in CA so don't fret!

We were riding around Watsonville saturday and it was hitting the 90's. Man, I need to get a post up.

BiL said...

The rain is surely back and always will be. Have a great trip and keep in touch. I'll be lurking here at your blog to see what's up.


Linda said...

* hugs *

It's always hard to leave a home.

How are you coming down here? Driving, or some other way?

fasthair said...

Ms. BC: It's always hard to leave the comforts of home. But from the sounds of it this will all be worth it. Sucks that you are going to be without yoru bike for so long though.

Best of luck on the new job and the adventures that are ahead.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Best of luck! Are you going to ride her to Cali, or ship her?

BAM said...

Seattle will be a tough seperation, especially from the bike (& hubby).. But hey, temporary - right..

Good luck and enjoy sunny CA!

VBecky said...

Enjoy your move to California. Once you get the Vulcan and your husband there I'm sure you'll enjoy the roads. Try checkin out if you haven't - lots of good rides listed. And by the time spring rolls around, no rain to worry about. Good for you for not being afraid to make a change!