Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Ride Home--Bandon,OR to Seattle

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While in Bandon we spent one day going to town and visiting our favorite stops. We had lunch at The 2 Loons deli in the downtown area. It is always one of our favorite places to eat, with that local flair that only a small town has. The food was delicious. Our next stop was the Wagon Wheel, where we always buy a T-shirt. When the T-shirt wears out in a couple of years, that signals us that it is time to make another trip to Bandon. The other place you cannot miss is Cranberry Sweets. Bandon is the Cranberry capitol of the world, and we just missed the Annual Cranberry Festival the day before we got to town. Cranberry Sweets is a candy store that puts out plates of little candy samples, so of course you want to buy after you've tasted all the wonderful flavors.

As we headed back to our motel down the little road that goes from town and follows the coastline, we passed Face Rock. It is so cool. Can you see the face?

We left town on Wednesday morning and made a quick stop on the north side of the Coquille River where the historic Coquille Lighthouse stands. It is a landmark for artists and photographers to appreciate. It is from the 1890s and not in operation any more from what I understand.

The view looking back towards Bandon.

Once we got on the road we headed back up the coast with the intention of heading inland towards McMinnville for the next nights stay. This morning was the coldest and most miserable of any on our trip. The further north we went we rode through mist, fog, and very cold temps. I had on 4 layers on top, my jeans and chaps, and my Buff around my neck. I had only brought my regular gloves. By the time we rode a couple of hours, my fingers were numb, I had pulled the Buff up over my nose like a bandit, and my legs were cold through my chaps. I could feel that my teeth were cold, even though I kept my mouth shut (no comments from the peanut gallery). We stopped in Waldport for a hot cup of coffee at another DQ.

After we thawed out, we continued on north until Lincoln City. Then we headed inland towards McMinnville. Once we were away from the ocean, the sky opened up, the sun was out, and we started warming up. We passed through the most lovely countryside and followed a river. Soon we saw amber fields of grain, vineyards, Italian prune orchards and wide open spaces. This was one of my favorite roads on the trip, probably because it was 30 degrees warmer than along the coast. We stopped in McMinnville, which is a cute little town where McMinnamin's Brewery started. It's a Northwest favorite. We found the Hotel Oregon, that houses McMinnamin's. We considered staying there, but they only had on the street parking. We weren't comfortable with leaving our bikes out on the main street all night. So we had a beer and thought about it......

There was a Native American casino and hotel that we had passed about 20 miles back. We decided to go back, get a room, eat a nice buffet dinner, and gamble. We got a really good rate on the room which was luxurious and big. It was so good to be warm, and to walk around for a change. We were able to watch our bikes from the 5th floor room we had. We had a wonderful time, lost our shirts (not literally) and were ready to ride home on Thursday. By the end of the day we had ridden 6 hours and about 250 miles, for a total of 729 miles so far.

We left Thursday morning for the home stretch. I was ready to get home and see my cats. I miss them when I am away, they are such a part of my life. We were about 90 miles from Portland, so once we hit Interstate 5 it was freeway all the way home. I led and had to go 80 most of the way through Oregon to keep up with traffic. It was windy, cold, and raining off and on the last day. Once we got through Seattle I felt a great relief that we had made it all this way with no motorcycle problems or events. The only thing that happened was Dave's zipper pull breaking on his motorcycle jacket while we were in Bandon. He was able to use the inner zipper for his liner to keep it together so he could make it home. We got home around 4pm Thursday all in one piece and happy to be sleeping in our own bed that night.

The second day was about 250 miles and 6 hours of mostly freeway riding. The total trip was 987 miles. I would do it all over again, now that I've rested up. I can't wait to plan our next trip.


Sangfroid said...

~1000 miles for the odometer and fortunately sans any breakdowns :-)

I'll be out for a 4 day ride next month. It should total the same although in kilometers.

Hope your cats r doin good.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Nice pics! Thanks for sharing the trip.

Marianne Goldweber said...

Love what you are doing- I've been riding at first in back and now in front..
Thought you would like this poem of mine..
Keep blogging
Enjoy the wind...

Steel Horse

Wind in my hair astride my steed
Ancient memories of great prairies
Abundant with Buffalo
Majestic mountains
Gold grass waving
Freedom in the wind
Over ancient lands
Colors magnificent
Warrior pride
The days of wild ponies a memory
The horse is steel
The spirit lives
The ancestors in the wind call my name.

Marianne Goldweber

B.B. said...

Glad you had a good time. Thanks for sharing it with us!

"Joker" said...

That face rock was really cool! It made me think of one of the statues from Easter Island lying back having a bath for itself.

I'm glad you enjoyed your trip. Too bad you didn't hit big at the casino, but I'm sure you had a lot of fun there.

I think getting used to varying road conditions toughens you up a bit and in turn makes you appreciate the nicer weather even more when it comes. Cold I can handle; riding in rain sucks so I'm glad you didn't have to deal with that.

LOL on the next trip. This is going to be one l-o-n-g off season for us both I think. What do you think about meeting us in Sturgis next year??? Now THAT is going to be a TRIP!!

bikerted said...

Great write up of your trip Becky with some wonderful pics. Once the first long voyage is complete and any nerves settled there is always excitement in planning the next one.

Ride on.

Becky said...

Sangfroid: Putting 1000 miles on the bike was a first. Now I'm ready for an oil change. Cats are doing good and were glad to see us.

dean "d-day": The pics don't do the coast justice. You must make it out here sometime.

marianne: Thanks for the poem, and glad you are riding in front. Isn't it great?

b.b.: I hope you get the chance to ride up the coast someday, although you have a lovely coast near home!

Joker: I really love the Face Rock. Have seen it many times and it always impresses me. It's really big too. In 5 days we really covered alot of various roads and weather conditions. It's all good. I don't mind riding in the rain if I am prepared. Prefer the nicer days though. I don't think I'll be going to Sturgis. Read my Oyster Run write-up.

Bikerted: Glad you liked the pics. I already have visions of more rides to come. It was fun.