Monday, September 29, 2008

LVMS to host seventh annual Femmoto this weekend

Press release:

LAS VEGAS – Las Vegas Motor Speedway will host Femmoto 2008, a weekend of motorcycle riding, demonstrations and motor fashion to celebrate female enthusiasts Friday through Sunday. Femmoto is a women-only event which offers female riders the opportunity to test-ride motorcycles on the LVMS track, peruse the latest gear designed just for women, discuss the lifestyle with manufacturers and meet other women who share their passion for motorsports.

“Being involved with the biking industry for a long time, I began to see an increase in women riders, the bonding that was going on between the women riders, and the need to have an all-female track event,” said Femmoto founder Bonnie Strawser. “I wanted to get more women comfortable on motorcycles and give them a great environment to do that.”

Femmoto is hosting 11 motorcycle brands for demonstrations at the event, including Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Kawasaki, KYMCO and Triumph. Attendees are invited to ride all brands and styles of motorcycles on both the track and street throughout the weekend.

“Diversity is what we’ve been aiming for and I think this year we have really hit our mark,” Strawser said. “As there are many types of female riders out there, there are many types of motorcycles they might be interested in. Having so many brands and so many bike types will make this a really fun event for all our attendees.”

Track rides are reserved for female participants. Pre-registration slots are filling up for the closed- course demos and interested riders are urged to pre-register. The entry fee is $135 per day. Appropriate track gear is required for closed-course demos.

Last year’s event hosted more than 550 female riders and Femmoto organizers predict an increase in participation in the 2008 event.

Femmoto was created in 2001 to introduce ladies to sport bikes in a safe and fun environment. Its growth and support have allowed the event to evolve into a weekend providing women with new and exciting features including workshops, seminars and exposure to a wide variety of specialty products and services.

For more information on the Femmoto 2008, call (419) 340-3977 or visit


FLHX_Dave said...

Dang, sounds like fun. Can guys show up? heh.

Sangfroid said...

whoa! great fun lined up! u goin?

B.B. said...

Sounds like a good event. Although I do have some mixed feelings about female only events. I would be pissed if the guys had stuff I couldn't go to. I think it's great to try to involve women riders, but we should work harder to get us all intergrated to enjoy the experience together. Sorry, just my 'Pollyanna' opinion. :)

Becky said...

flhx_dave: I don't think guys are allowed, although I assume there may be some spectators, heh.

Sangfroid: I live in Washington state and the event is in Las Vegas, Nevada. I don't plan to go and I think it may be a little too pricey for the experience.

B.B.: I agree with you that events should be mixed, or at least segregated so the women with less experience won't be intimidated. Sounds like Dave wishes he could go!


Dean "D-Day" said...

Dave- I don't think they can ban you from spectating if you "accidently" show up.

B.B. said...

Oh but I can! Ban Dave that is! ;)