Sunday, August 3, 2008

Motorcycle As Main Transportation?

I’ve been riding a lot lately. I am turning more and more to my motorcycle for my mode of transportation to work, going for errands, visiting friends, etc. The weather has been perfect for riding for several weeks now, so there has been no excuse not to ride.

I find my mind shifting as I ride more often. Now I am beginning to think of my bike as my main vehicle, and only drive the 4-wheeled variety when I need to shop for groceries for the week, or will need to carry other people for some reason.

Daily, I get ready for work with the thought of what motorcycle boots I’ll wear. As I’m fixing my hair in the morning there is always an elastic band to pull my hair into a ponytail for riding purposes. Pulling the bike out of the garage has become a morning ritual that gets my motor running. Once it’s out, I can’t wait to get going. I always make a lunch and put it in a bag that will fit into my saddlebags.

Riding daily has become something to look forward to. I am not happy in my current job, so work is not something I am looking forward to each morning. Riding makes it a little more bearable. Soon I will be living where there are more riding months out of the year. When the cold and rainy seasons come back here, I’m not sure if I will be motivated to brave them.

I’ve noticed my riding attitude changing lately. I feel calmer while riding, as it has become commonplace. I used to feel aggressive while I rode. Each shift of the gears was done with a little rage behind it. Each day I take a different route to work, depending on how many ‘metal plates in the road’ or other road construction that I feel like encountering. I get angry when I see people talking on the cell phone in their cars, but have been trying to get over that. There are a lot of idiots out on the road during commute times, and if I can just be the sane one, calmly making my way through the mobs of bad drivers on my bike, then I have won.

I’ve been riding a lot on the weekends too. I haven’t been taking too many photos, but just riding. There haven’t been any exciting destinations, but many lovely roads have been covered.


AtlasRider said...

I consider my bike as my main mode of transport. I'm a little disappointed when I have to get in the car. But I've managed to use it less and less these days. I can even go grocery shopping on the Ninja. 2 > 4 :)

FLHX_Dave said...

Right on. I pretty much only ride my bike. I live in a place where it's actually doable.

Funny how you touched on the calmness. I can relate. Years ago when my bike was not the main mode of transportation I was always angry at drivers. As I just got used to being plowed all the time...the anger left and the true zen of riding hit me. Awesome huh!

I get it. It's awesome and it is exactly how I know I will never get "bored" of riding. It makes everyday exciting for some reason.

"Joker" said...

As you know, it's not exactly Hawaii here in MA year round, and as I've seen half the season pass, I'm already dreading the colder months.

I too have spent much more time -more than ever before - on two wheels than on four. Now, when I drive my wife's mini-van, it just feels so damned strange. I don't like it. Since the end of April, I've used the bike almost exclusively. I know exactly how you feel.

Ride On Sister...

(and come by my blog and say Hi once in a while, will ya? I'm starting to think you don't like me!)

Tinker said...

I tried this in the early 80s in Austin, TX, but the weather was abysmal for Central TX for about three years, by which time I had given up.

While our weather is mostly noted for how many 100 degree days (32 this year, so far)that year it was historic lows and the number of snowdays that school was canceled for.

I got good at skiing around corners, plant my feet and give it the gas, rear wheel would slip the right direction and I'd allow it to hook up and get moving. Kind of fun, IF (and only if) I were not freezing during the drive.

I'd do it again, if I had a trailer, or a scooter, so I could get groceries. I'm looking for a Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter, would be a nicer ride than towing a trailer.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm picking up what you're laying down. (i.e. "I know exactly what you mean.")
I also absolutely hate my day job so that ride to and from work is what gets me through the day. I'm a lot like Dave - being a soul-rider and looking for the Zen of the ride. It definitely has a calming effect on my soul.

Rick said...

Yep, you all definitely have caught the fever, and you have it bad!

irondad said...

Another convert to the Dark Side, Emperor!

Becky said...

Atlas rider: I'll bet you have to get pretty creative to carry groceries on the Ninja!

flhx_dave: I can't see ever getting bored with riding. It is always a new challenge.

Joker: The thought of winter has already crossed my mind when we had a couple of mornings down in the 50's this week. Felt that nip in the air again. I do stop by your blog often, but don't have much to say. I'm still reading...

Tinker: Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Welcome.

Dean "d-day": That's my expression! Sounds like we're on the same page with the jobs, so riding is our sanity. It seems to work for now.

Rick: Is there any cure for this fever you speak of? I haven't seen any bad side effects so far.

Irondad: The Dark Side is the good side, baby.


Mr. Motorcycle said...

You who can ride that much suck! You suck you hear me! Just kidding.

I envy you. I actually like my job, but can't ride to work. Since I like my job and it pays decent, I can't afford to leave it either for one that will allow me to ride more. It's a dreaded catch 22.

Becky said...

Mr. Motorcycle: We'd suck even more if we didn't have a day job and could just ride, ride, ride all day whenever we wanted. Hey,that gives me an idea.....


Anonymous said...

Hey love your blog! I have been thinking about getting a bike since I usually ride on the back of hubby's Harley. I really want one! I just posted on my blog about it as well. You can see it at http://thirtysomethingreality.blogspot

Big Daddy said...

This is my third time here on your blog,,I like it'
As for riding I do it 365 days a year....for the last 5 years at least.
only about two weeks out the year here in AZ do start to question my wisdom.
It gets freezing in the desert in the winter months.

Becky said...

ncgirl3608: My suggestion is to go ahead and get your own bike, girl! You won't believe what a different kind of thrill it is to actually have control of your own bike. Thanks for stopping by.

Big daddy: Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment. I don't like to impose rigid rules on myself, so I ride when I want to. Occasionally I like to have nice hair, so I drive a car from time to time. Isn't it too hot to ride in AZ this time of year?


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