Thursday, August 21, 2008

Harley-Davidson Launches 'WE RIDE'

With its attempt to sell motorcycles to more and more women, Harley-Davidson has recently launched its Guide for Women, We Ride. It’s a PDF brochure that you can download or read online. I took a look. It seems to have a lot of information for beginners about riding classes, modifying your bike to fit you, clothing and gear, and of course Harley motorcycles. It looks mostly like a motivating force to bring more women into the Harley-Davidson owner lifestyle.

From Harley-Davidson:

We Ride serves as an inspirational and educational brochure for non-riders and newly licensed female riders alike. The guide features women riders sharing their passion, apparel designed specifically for women and information beginner riders need to know before they hit the road, along with many other topics specific to women riders.

You can download the free PDF file located at the Harley-Davidson women riders site or click here to go directly:

If it helps another woman decide to 'ride in front' then I am all for it. I think a Harley is every riders secret dream bike whether they admit it or not. Just hearing the sound of Harley approaching makes me weak in the knees, if you know what I mean.


B.B. said...

I have already checked it out. HD probably should have done this a long time ago. Oh wait, women just started working and making money recently right? (pfffttt, our society is still oppressive and you are expected to fill a certian role. Ahhhh, could this be a reason women are taking up riding? Defiance? Love it.) I guess the only people who might have a problem with this is some of the M/C's. Most of them don't want, or allow their women to ride. (I'm still waiting for a all women M/C that make their men ride bitch.) Hell, there is nothing sexier than a confident woman who has the "balls" to ride in my opinion. It's awesome and about time. They still need to work on protective clothing that is comfortable for women. A leather teddy just isn't good enough...well, for riding anyway...errr, bike riding anyway. :)

FLHX_Dave said... fitting. B.B.'s comment above is actually mine. She forgot to log out and I had my head up my ass. Anyway, she can take the credit if she liked what I wrote. Sorry, lol!

Anonymous said...

I love it! One of the reasons I had to purchase TWO motorcycles is because my husband and I couldn't agree on who would ride bitch! Wake up girls - we don't need anyone to dictate what we CAN or CANNOT do in this world. If women feel 'strangled' then it's THEIR problem. I am laughing about the 'leather teddy'! Any time I've been in a dealership (Harley) the only ones buying those are the men. What does that say about their relationships with the women riding on the bikes? That all they want is another piece of 'chrome' for their bike. Get some self-respect girlfriends.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I love the freedom I feel to ride my own. Being able to do it with people you love, makes it even better. I enjoy knowing my brothers and their wives enjoy biking as well. One SIL rides her own now, and the other one will probably be on her own within the year.

The family that rides together, smiles together! Woo Hoo!

B.B. said...

This is the real B.B. LOL. But I do like what Dave wrote. :)
Also anonymous...totally agree!

"Joker" said...

Not only am I all for women riding up front, I promote it. I agree it's long past time the Motor Company woke up and shifted some more marketing farkles towards the gals.

You know what makes me weak in the knees, the sound of a Harley approaching, and then turning around to watch it come into view with my friend Wendy at the helm. 6' of pure Alpha female on a Dyna Wide with Ape Hangers. I have, and will continue to pay homage to her on my blog. You'll see what I mean here, if you haven't before:

Wendy's Road Captain on our 1,100+ mile ride to Milwaukee leaving Monday. I have the honor of riding on her wing. Believe me, in motorcycling, I'm living LARGE! I couldn't imagine being a part of any riding club/group with no women in it. Misogynist, I am definitely NOT!

mrs rc said...

Dave, the pfffttt gave you away. You can't hide behind some psuedonym...we know you too well!!! LOL

I am all for women riding...any way they want!

Gotta tell ya, I've gotten many more accolades since I started riding around on my big girl bike than when I was on the Sporty.

Guzzisue said...

took them long enough to work out that girls ride! I may be a dedicated pillion through choice but many of my girlfriends ride and have done for years. Over here it is difficult to get girls leathers etc over a size 18/20 (uk) which even smaller girls find difficult with a few layers underneath needed for our lousy weather so I hope they bear that in mind in the clothing range.Fortunately I have mine made to fit locally so they move in all the right places :-)

B.B. said...

Thank you so much for sharing this Becky, it is really going to come in handy now! :)

Becky said...

B.B. and flhx_dave: You guys crack me up. Now I never know who is 'really' leaving a comment. Good points you make. Congrats on the Sporty B.B. I hope you get all the incouragement you need!

Anonymous: Thanks for the comment, whoever you are. I agree that the dealerships have little women's 'riding gear'. I check out every biker shop I can, and have found gear that fits well and is comfortable. Don't just stick to the Harley shops. It's mostly for show.

Lady ridesalot: I love it that you ride and have lots of riding friends. That makes it alot more fun!

Joker: Still hung up over Wendy, huh? She looked like a fun lady to ride with. I prefer to ride in mixed company, it's more entertaining!

Mrs.RC: I've also noticed alot more attention since I moved up to the Vulcan. Other riders (male) chit-chat at stop lights or give me a big ol' grin passing on the interstate. When I rode the little Suzuki I got no respect.

GuzziSue: It's a good thing for the internet, so people around the world can order gear they need. I noticed here we have larger sizes, but they all run differently depending on where they are made. Even girls on the back need good protective gear!