Saturday, July 12, 2008

Selling My First Ride

Ever since I've gotten the Vulcan I have not wanted to ride my first bike, the Suzuki Boulevard S-40. I've kept it meticulously maintained since I've had it, and never let it set more than 2 weeks at a time without riding, even in the winter. Now it is time to say goodbye and let someone else learn to ride by owning the Suzuki. It was a great beginners bike for a woman, or a small stature man. It is lightweight, and easy to handle. It was hard to handle for me when I first began riding. Now it feels like a miniature motorcycle that I can zip around town on. I never thought much about where I was parking because even on a slope I could back her out. The Suzuki has a 650cc one cylinder engine with 5 speeds, so with its light weight you can imagine how zippy it can be. I added a Boulevard windshield when I got her, along with Boulevard saddlebags. It was my mini-cruiser.

This morning I posted her on Craigslist, so I hope someone finds just what they're looking for, and enjoys her as much as I have. She needs a good home.


mrs r c said... is always sad to see your first ride go. I listed mine in the paper just a few days ago :-( But we all must move on to bigger and better things :-)

Lady Ridesalot said...

I'm with mrs. rc...the first one is always special. I sold my Suzuki one year after I bought it for exactly what I paid. I thought that was pretty cool! I was a little sad to see it go too, after all, it got me to where I was, ready for a bigger bike. I'll never forget it and I have pictures to keep in the memory books. Someone will enjoy it. It's a great looking bike, I'm sure it won't hang around long. Gas prices may help your sale!

Jovita said...

I keep telling myself that I'm never going to sell my first bike... maybe sometime down the road I want to ride something else!

It's a great looking bike, I'm sure you wouldn't have any problems trying to sell it. ~ Jovi

Mr RC said...

She is a cute lil bike. I'm with Lady R. The price of gas will help. I'm sure there is a poor student out there who needs cheap reliable transportation.

"Joker" said...

It's one hell of a lot better looking than the old Honda I started out on! Seems better for a starter bike than a Rebel too - and it even has some saddlebags.

Becky said...

Mrs.RC,Ladyridesalot,Jovita,Mr.RC,Joker: I still haven't had anyone actually show up to look at the bike. Lots of interest though. Maybe someone will come through this weekend. I really want to sell! Once I decided to let it go I have no emotional attachment. She did get me through that learning curve relatively safely. I would rather someone who needs a bike have it.