Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ride To The Conway Pub

Last Sunday we wanted to ride with my son and a couple of his friends. The day was turning out to be a perfect riding day with temps in the 70's. Nate had some chores and things to take care of around the home, so we decided to ride the 30 miles to his house and maybe get him moving and ready to ride. We finally left his house around 3pm and decided to ride to Jimi's house.

Nate was riding his Springer Classic with his wife on the back, and there was Dave on his Victory and me on the Vulcan. We headed out a nice wooded country road and noticed a few signs along the way that hinted that the road might be closed ahead. We ignored them and kept going. We'd been riding about 15 minutes and were almost to Jimi's when we came upon a road block directly in front of us. A policeman had his car across the road and was telling everyone to turn back, because of an accident. We hoped it wasn't a motorcyclist.

There was nothing to do but turn around and go back almost to the place we had started from. We took a frontage road and made a huge back-track loop, finally arriving at Jimi's. His bike was out and he was ready to ride. Jimi built his Harley which has a suicide shifter and all kinds of crazy details. Notice the battery near the rear wheel! He's also got the sissy bar I would die for. It looks very sharp and really suits Jimi.

We took off on a ride up towards the Skagit Valley. That is where the tulip fields are and lots of open farmland that is glorious to ride in. Jimi was leading, since he knew where this neat biker hangout was called the Conway Pub. The town of Conway is a little turn-off of the road. It is easy to miss, but somehow the bikers all know about it.

We had a nice easy evening ride up to Conway. We had dinner there and heard a rock-a-billy band singing for that evening. The crowd seemed to enjoy the music. I endured it. They were starting kareoke later. Luckily we left before that began. I have never understood the fascination with listening to people sing badly who don't realize how bad they are. Maybe that's why I have never watched American Idol. Anyway, we did all have good pub food and beverages. We decided to ride east and follow our favorite Highway 9 south as each of us would drop off the group and head home. Dave and I live the furthest south so we had the farthest to go back, but it was nice to be riding in the evening. We got home just before dark.

It was a fun, easy ride of 130 miles round trip for us. Now we have a new destination to stop and eat when we are up north in the Skagit Valley.


Guzzisue said...

Have you ever played left, right straight on? or take the narrowest road? We do left/right when touring sometimes - come to a junction and just chose a direction. Once spent a day riding in and out of Germany, on other occassions we have done it in the italian mountains.

FLHX_Dave said...

Jimi's bike is righteous. Someday I am going to build me something like that.

Sounds like a great ride. Thanks for letting us in on it. Nice picts. I quit going to pubs, there's always a hungry copper sitting out front around here. ;)

"Joker" said...

"Somehow the bikers all know about it." I know that line well.

I too am proud to say I've never watched American Idol.

I will admit however to singing badly with the crowd at the bar we used to hang at before the Boneyard opened up and drew us all there. I wouldn't say it's a fascination; it's more like everyone is so drunk, they flat out don't realize or care how bad the singing is.

The Boneyard doesn't do Karaoke. I can't say I miss it.

Mr. Motorcycle said...

I've never understood kareoke either. It's usually a bunch of people who think they sing good, wish they could sing good, and are living out their fantasies, or just plain drunk. When and if I ever sing kareoke, you bet your sweet ass, I'll be really drunk.

Love Jimmy's bike. I've never ridden one with a suicide shifter. looks pretty cool.

Thanks for sharing.

Dean "D-Day" said...

Sounds like a great place. And love Jimi's bike!

And kareoke is great because people ARE bad and don't know it. That's why the first two weeks of American Idol are the best

Lady Ridesalot said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Awesome line of pretty bikes too!
Kareoke is practiced in private at my house! You know that saying, "Sing like no one is listening!" Crazy Chick's daughter has her own machine, and we confiscate it to perform our own private concert. We really suck. LOL!
Good for you on your new find.

BiL said...

Being that I know Becky aka "Burkle" personally, I think she secretly loves American Idol. I let her know that there was a biker chick on it last season. (I get the feeling she already knew, if you know what I mean) I had her figured out as more of the Dance Dance Revolution kind of gal though.

Jimi's bike is amazing! A little bit scary though.

Rick said...

It's funny how all the bikers know of these cool out of the way pubs!

mrs rc said...

I've never watched American Idol either...I'd rather be riding! Isn't it funny how bikers all know the best "hole in the wall" places to go?

irondad said...

I did the Kareoke thing one time. Somebody came up and told me that for years they wished they could sing. Now they wished I could, too!

Anyway, I've been way behind on reading blogs. Wanted to say "hi" and let you know I was here.

Becky said...

Guzzisue: I have never played that game. It sounds like a fun idea. I have a fear of getting lost, stems from my childhood. Maybe I will try to overcome it by playing the right, left, right game!

flhx_dave: Silly me. I always limit myself to one brew with a meal when I'm riding. I think that keeps me legal.

Joker: I think you and I are the only American who have never watched Idol. Now I don't feel so alone.

Mr. Motorcycle: The suicide shifter can be a problem. We approached a stop sign on a steep hill, and he had to coast through because he couldn't put his feet down. Sounds a little to complicated to ride for me.

dean d-day, ladyridesalot: I don't even try to sing because it makes my ears hurt.

Bil: Did the biker chick win? What is Dance Dance Revolution? You won't catch me dancing either. I'm just no fun!

Rick, Mrs.RC: I think bikers know about these cool places because they are always riding around on the back roads of this country and that's where you come across the local places.

Irondad: Glad to see you stopped by. I've been a little behind myself what with work, life, and all.