Sunday, June 1, 2008

A Whirl Up Whidbey Island

Saturday we woke up early and were ready to ride. With us, it is always a hard decision as to where to go. There are so many choices, and we’ve exhausted all the routes and places that we’ve already been to previously. The choices that seemed to come up were a route over on the peninsula near the Hood Canal. I have been told there are fun, scenic roads over there. The other choice was to take our first WS Ferry ride with the motorcycles, and go ride up the entire length of Whidbey Island. Since the day was already beginning to cloud up, we went for the Ferry ride and decided to explore the Island.

We left home, expecting the day to warm up and the sun to come out in the afternoon. Neither of those things happened. When we started out, it was 52 degrees.

The ride to the Mukilteo Ferry is only about 25 minutes from home and very familiar to us. When you arrive at the holding area for the next Ferry, motorcyclists are allowed to pull into the first lane and wait.

We were the first loaded, right up in the front of the vessel, and the first off. Only the walk-on passengers have more clout. They get first on and off privileges before the motorcyclists.

As soon as we arrived in Clinton, across the Puget Sound, it began to rain. We hadn’t heard that in the forecast. It was OK. I was happy for the windshield that I keep on the bike all the time. It shielded my face from the stinging rain, since I had the half-shell on. Throughout the day it rained several times. I never got wet and didn’t have raingear on specifically. My saddlebags also stayed dry inside.

We rode up the length of Whidbey Island, first stopping in Langley for lunch. It was a wonderful and exhilarating ride. The roads were smooth and looked newly paved in most areas. There are lots of easy curves with long straight stretches thrown in. The roads are either wooded on both sides or open fields and farmland. You really don’t know you are on an island except when you catch a glimpse of the water in the distance once in a while. We caught a quick look at a giant wild turkey on the side of the road, which was totally unexpected. We rode north until we stopped at Deception Pass, which eventually connects the Island back to the mainland near Anacortes.

The bridge is high enough to allow ships and tall sailboats to go underneath. Down below the water is treacherous and very ‘deceiving’. Thus, Deception Pass. There have historically been many vessels capsized and loss of life in this area.

We decided to take a turn towards La Connor and ride through the farmland and fields of the Skagit Valley where they grow all the tulips. Instead we found a lovely field of iris, which are in bloom right now.

I love that road! We kept heading south towards home and found an Old Pioneer Highway that was new to us, but followed parallel to the Interstate. Finally, we had to take I-5 out of Silvana and had a nice freeway ride home in the rain.

It was a very fun day and I love riding those types of roads. Of course, there were hundreds of other bikes we passed throughout the day. All were waving and smiling. We were gone for 5-1/2 hours and rode 154 miles. …… What a great life we have!


Ronman said...

Pretty Miss Becky,

Each time I read one of your posts and see your photographs it makes me miss the upper left. Funny how only visiting once for just four or five days can leave such an impact. Thanks for another great one ma'am.


bikerted said...

Looks a great place to ride Becky and the scenery is quite stunning.
More piccies please.


"Joker" said...

Yes, the windshield is key when wearing a half-shell. I was out yesterday myself on a day with no rain in the forecast, but we passed below some very dark clouds. There were a few intermittent sprinkles, but the rain never came.

Looks like great country out there - love the photos. I think the coastline always makes for an awesome ride. I hope it warms up for you out there soon. I think our days in the 50's are finally over around here until the fall.

mrs road captain said...

Jay and I caught a little sprinkle on our trip yesterday. I don't have a windshield, but I do use a 3/4 helmet with a face shield. What kills me is the raindrops pinging me in the chest if I don't have my jacket buttoned all the way up. Ouch! It could be a few little drops, but it feels like sleet!

Thanks for sharing your ride. Sounds like it was wonderful. :-)

Dean "D-Day" said...

Sounds like a great ride and the scenery is great. I always love seeing the pictures from your rides. Thanks for sharing.

Rick said...

That looks like an absolute blast!
Nice pics!

iburyem said...

Great pics. Looks like a great ride and, surely the weather will get better out there soon. It's finally summer here!

irondad said...

I wonder about the bikes on the ferries. Were they just riding propped on the sidestands? I know it sounds negative to ignore the whole wonderful ride to focus on this one thing. I've never transported a bike on a ferry. Think I'd be nervous about it.

Great post, by the way. I did enjoy the whole thing!

Becky said...

Ronman: I'm glad you enjoy the pictures, and this is a beautiful area to live. Such varied scenery!

Bikerted: I wish I could take more photos on my rides, but then I would be stopping all the time.

Joker: I'm kind of getting used to riding in the cool weather. Don't know what I'll do if Summer actually comes!

Mrs. Road Captain: Sounds like you had a great ride also. I don't know what its like to ride with my jacket unzipped; its just too cool here.

Dean d-day: Glad you like the pictures, its fun looking for photo ops.

Rick: It was a great ride. Looks like you had a wonderful trip recently yourself. I was following along....

Iburyem: Yea, Summer is just around the corner(lol)

Irondad: I worried about the bike tipping too, so I stood by it the whole ride. Like I could do anything about it! The ferry we were on was only 20 minutes, but some of the longer rides get in rough waters, and I would worry. Maybe they have a different way to hold motorcycles up on those rides. It was still a blast!


Biker Betty said...

Sounds like a great ride dispite the weather. Great pics.

Demonio Pellegrino said...

beatiful scenary...

Becky said...

Biker Betty: It was a great ride, and the last time I rode. It has rained hard ever since. Can't wait to do another scenic ride.

Demonio pellegrino: I'm glad you enjoy the scenery. This is a beautiful part of the world.