Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saddlebag Envy

Every time that I ride the Vulcan I wish I had somewhere to put things. I usually carry a messanger bag with my lunch and items for work. If I need more, then I have a backpack that I wear. I feel like a dork.

It took me a long time to decide which way I wanted to go with my Vulcan. I wanted a sissy bar to strap things to, but not your typical Vulcan sissy bar. Then I thought of throw over saddlebags but I was pretty particular the look that I wanted. I couldn't find them. I finally was surfing one day in search of luggage and came across US Saddlebag. They had some bolt on bags that got my attention. On their website there is a place to choose your bike and the mouseover shows exactly what the bag will look like on YOUR bike. I kept going back to the website over the next few days and finally ordered a set for the Vulcan.

Here is what I chose:

These saddlebags have a special internal locking system and zippers that make it waterproof. The quality looks very fine and all of the products are made in New Bedford, Mass. They only take orders over the phone! Does anyone not have online ordering now? These guys are nice, and give that personal touch of friendly service. All shipping is included in their prices. My bags should be here by early next week. I can hardly wait for them to get here so I can put them on. There will be photos.

I'm eyeing the chaps they have at US Saddlebag......they look pretty fine. Might have to get some of those next.


"Joker" said...

This is a riot. I spent I don't know how many hours online surfing and google-ing looking for chaps, boots and saddlebags. This company never popped up in any of my searches, and I could be at their front door in about 30 minutes! Isn't that always the way, you can't find something because it was right in front of you the whole time!

Those are some of the nicest leather bags I've seen. The issues of waterproofing and lockability usually make leather bags more of form than function. They seem to have more than solved that issue here. They are going to look awesome on your bike!

I love my hardbags, but more for their functionality than how they look on my bike. I sort of stumbled across them. A woman I worked with traded her Sporty in for a Dyna, and was selling her hard bags and quick-detach windshield separately. They were absolutely mint, and I got them for half the retail cost, which for my hardbags is about a grand.

Next year, when I'm looking to step up to a Softail, if I don't get the Heritage, I will seriously consider US Saddlebags. I bet they'd look bitchin' on a new Softail Custom!

Ride Safe...

iburyem said...

Nice bag. I finally got some last fall and they make a big difference. I felt like a dork, too, with the backpack. Have a great weekend!

Ronman said...

Now you can take all sorts of extras with you pretty lady. Can't wait to see your ride all dressed up with the new bags.


Jovita said...

Great choice of bags, they are going to look wonderful on your ride. I would be lost without mine and I remember dragging around my pack... now I can shop more!

Becky said...

Joker: Isn't that funny? You could probably save on shipping if you bought their saddlebags. I'm sure they are awesome quality.

Iburyem: I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who feels dorky with a backpack.

Ronman: I will definately take lots of photos, installing them and afterwards.

Jovita: I noticed your bike has similar looking bags, and they look great! I can't wait to get mine.

Linda R. Moore said...

Those are really sharp bags! :)

Mind you, I used to love riding around with my Hello Kitty backpack. Sadly, it broke last year in Charleston, and I haven't replaced it. I might, one day.

Becky said...

Linda: Backpacks are functional, but I always felt confined by wearing one. I didn't have a cool 'hello kitty' backpack though. Do they still sell those?


Linda R. Moore said...

I understand the confinement part, though I also found that they made people smile and increased my visibility. I tended to wear them "loose" on my back and not carry heavy things, too.

The Hello Kitty backpacks show up every Christmas and "Back to School" season in Target. They're about $15.

Lisa B. said...

I was reading all these comments about troubles finding a cool non-"dorky" backpack for mc riding. The only backpack I've ever seen that rocks my world is from

Mettle Case makes backpacks that are freaking perfect for biker chicks! Sexy, cool, and unbelievably functional. One of the styles is called "Intercorset" and it laces up the back! Need I say more? It's genuine leather, and handcrafted in the U.S.A. (which is always a good thing!)

It is bar none the coolest looking Rocker backpack on the planet! I have one and it is so comfortable to wear. The unique design of it makes it so evenly weighted. The website: