Sunday, May 18, 2008

My New Melon Cover

I’ve been on a shopping spree lately. As a female, I am a little unusual in that I don’t like to shop! In fact, I despise it. If I need clothing for a certain occasion I will go looking, but it isn’t enjoyable in any way to me. Then Al Gore invented the internet (he says) and a wonderful thing happened. I could go online and browse to my heart’s content for items that I need. It saves a lot of gas and I love receiving packages!

So I’ve ordered a set of saddlebags, which I have and will talk about later. There are also the Harley boots that I ordered from Zappos and love them almost as much as my bike (that is saying a lot). Once I ordered the saddlebags I was on a roll. The next day I ordered a Drifter Half Helmet from Motorcycle Superstore. It came 2 days later and I wore it around the house for a couple of hours until it felt formed to my head. The neighbors already know that I’m crazy. At least I didn’t do the ‘chicken dance’ while I had it on.

Saturday morning I drove Dave to the airport for a 4 day trip. The temps were promising to be in the 80’s and it was already very warm by 7:30 a.m. when I got back home. This called for a ride. I needed to try out my new melon cover and this was the perfect day for it.

I rode north up Hi-way 9 to Marysville to visit my son for a while. The first thing I noticed was the freedom that I felt. Not because my husband was gone for a few days, but because the air was flowing across my face and it felt great! It was hot and the little beads of perspiration were building up on my nose. I had a slight itch on my upper lip, so I reached up and scratched it. I felt a joy riding that I hadn’t felt before. All this from a different style of helmet. I wore dark glasses for eye protection, and the visibility was much improved from that of wearing a full-face helmet. I love the protection of an FFH, but the feeling of warm air and sun on your face is worth the risk. Dave doesn’t like the idea of the half-helmet, but I assured him that not only would it be my face that would be disfigured if I crashed, but the rest of me would probably have more damage. He was not convinced by that argument.

I plan to wear the shorty when it’s really hot, and I’m not on the freeway for long distances. I would want the full protection in that case.

For those of you who might be into purchasing a new half-helmet, the one that I got is the Bell Drifter Skullz a Poppin’ helmet. has them for $10.00 less than other websites, and there was free ground shipping as well if the purchase is over $75.00. I am very pleased with the quality and fit of my Drifter. It looks like many happy summer rides in my future.


Guzzisue said...

over the years I have tried both but came back to the full face helmet as it gives more protection from both injury and the weather especially living here in UK

"Joker" said...

Becky, you look frickin' HOT in that new half-shell! The new bags look great, you look great, everything's just...great!

I'm with you on the helmet issue. I think visibility is more important than anything else when you're riding. In my mind there are only two uses for an FFH. One is touring on a bike with no windshield, and the other is bad weather. Other than that, I say a half-shell's the way to go.

I love the idea of a woman who shops like a man. I always have to keep explaining to my wife that women shop, and men buy things. She usually makes a face at me. The internet has made that so much easier, but you'll forgive me if I don't thank Al Gore for that! Gas prices being what they are, and the fact that I hate crowds (rallys excepted), means I'll be clicking my way to most of what I want from now on.

By the way, I've been telling people about how you found US Saddlebag from over 3,000 miles away, and I couldn't find them from 30 miles away. That really is a hoot! Please let me know how you like them - inquiring minds want to know...

Rick said...


Ronman said...

Hey pretty Miss Becky the new helmet looks like a wonderful match with the bike color and the bag color. You are really getting your scooter set up to do some riding. Are you planing a trip back to east Tennessee and just haven't told me yet?


Dean "D-Day" said...

I'm not a helmet person but that is a nice looking lid.

The better visibility, freedom & exhileration that you felt on your ride are a lot of the reason that those of us who have a choice, don't wear helmets. (However, I don't fault someone else if they want to wear one and be smarter than me.)

Becky said...

Guzzisue: I needed the protection of a full-face until just last week. It was too cold to wear anything else. Now I am getting spoiled and like the half lid.

Joker: Do you mean Paris Hilton 'hot'? Thanks. I love the bags, and am working on a write-up. Be patient.

Rick: Thanks bud

Ronman: I got that particular design because it matches the bike perfectly. I am setting up to take some long rides, but don't think I'll get to TN this year. Sorry.

Dean D-day: Someday I will ride to a state that doesn't require a helmet! On the west coast our governments tend to want to think for us, we aren't capable of personal safety decisions on our own.


"Joker" said...

Becky, you'll no doubt think I'm full of it up to my adam's apple, but I don't find Paris Hilton the least bit attractive. None of those overly made up, anorexic, tofu-eating bimbos ever have done anything for me.

The problem-plagued hotel heiress has nothing on Biker Chickz.

And I'll try to be patient.

Crusty said...

Very stylish Becky! You will love the bags...On my touring bike i never seem to have enough saddlebag room and i travel light! Awww, i was hoping you would post a video of your self doing the "chicken dance". I can use it in my shop as a sales tool!

Jovita said...

Get helmet, goes wonderful with your bike. I've been searching for a new half helmet... like you something to wear in warmer weather. Thanks for the link, I'll check them out.

Your bags look awesome!

Ride safe and have fun ~ Jovi

iburyem said...

I just got a half helmet, too. It was supposed to be for "short rides" only. Not anymore. I like it too much; the wind in my face is awesome. The sunburn, not so much, but I'll remember sunscreen next time. Happy travels.

Lady Ridesalot said...

I have two helmets. A three quarter with face shield that I like to wear when it's cold or going to rain, and a half helmet that I wear the majority of the time. It's usually pretty warm riding here in Alabama, and I love the wind on my face. Your new accessories look great! Love the new lid! Ride on! Lady R

Becky said...

Joker: I was trying to be funny because Paris' famous line is, 'that's hot'. It's all she knows how to say. Saddlebag installation post coming soon.

Crusty: All I could think about while I was wearing my helmet around the house was the 'chicken dance'. I really had to hold myself back.

Jovita: I can't believe how great the helmet is in warm weather. You will be spoiled if you get one. I love my bags!

Iburyem: I can already see it happening....I won't be wearing my 'whole' helmet until it gets rainy or cold again. And I did remember the sunscreen; I can carry it in my new bags!

Ladyridesalot: I can imagine how hot it is to ride in Alabama this time of year. Half shell for me this summer.....


Liz (rippin-kitten) said...

LOVE that helmet!

Hot helmet + hot bike=hot chick!

mrs road captain said...

That first paragraph is like a testiment to my existance!!! You are not alone...

Great lid!

Becky said...

Liz: Thanks. Since I've had the new shell I have had more cat calls and whistles aimed at me than ever before! I think it's because now people can see I'm a girl.

Mrs. Road Captain: I LOVE to order things because it is exciting to find a package waiting for you.