Thursday, May 1, 2008

Ladies, Get Out There And Ride - May 2

Back in December I felt compelled to write an article about International Female Ride Day. You can read the entire article here.

It seems just like yesterday, and now the day has arrived. Tomorrow is officially the day for females to get out on their motorcycles in force, and RIDE. You don't have to be part of a group or club, although there will be plenty of organized rides for those of you involved in such things. Since I have to work Friday, I will be riding to work, rain or shine. Then I will probably get out for a scenic ride after work if the weather holds.

Women are enjoying motorcycling more and more so here is a day to celebrate. Those of us who ride all year can still get out to make a statement to the world, 'We are women, hear our motors roar!'

You men can get out on your bikes too, and take in the scenery of all the women out tomorrow.



Dean "D-Day" said...

I will definitely try to take in some scenery. Nothing sexier to me than a woman on her own bike.
I also want to remind the ladies to check out their local H-D shops. A lot of them will be having ladies-only "Garage Parties" on Female Ride Day.

irondad said...

I've come home for lunch after being out on a bike for five hours for work. Interestingly, I've seen a few gals today. Ride on!

mrs road captain said...

I didn't make it out yesterday, but today I took my bike out for its first trip (besides a few laps around the school parking lot) this spring. :-) RC and I pre-rode the first leg of the weekend trip we are planning later this month. Rode over 200 miles in 6 hours. Weather was miserable--cold and ugly--but at least we stayed dry.

Camron said...

I hope you had a great ride. I was looking, but didn't see many.
Catch you on the Road...

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hey Becky, on May 2, Harley and I rode our motorcycles about three hours, south to Panama City, FL for Thunder Beach. I saw LOTS of women riding their own bikes. I was a great way to go somewhere fun and make a statement at the same time. Ride on! Lady R

Ronman said...

Always love seeing the ladies ride. Keep going ladies!


Becky said...

Dean d-day: Thanks for the info on the Harley shops. I saw that my local shop had the same events for women.

Irondad: I rode Friday, and took the opportunity to ride at lunch also. I saw no women all day on bikes, and only 3 guys. Somehow it made me feel special to be out representing!

Mrs. Road Captain: Sounds like you had a nice ride, in spite of the weather. That is the kind of weather I ride in all the time. Still works for a good ride.

Camron: As you can see I didn't see any women out either.

Lady Ridesalot: Sounds like all the women were in the South that day. I don't see too many women riding around here anytime. Just a few.

Ronman: We ladies love to ride, motorcycles that is. That is why I encourage all women to try on their own. It is just pure fun!