Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Season Is This?

I haven’t ridden my motorcycle since we went looking for tulip fields. That day was our only warm day so far this year.

The weather has not cooperated this spring and can’t make up its mind what season it is. It has rained non-stop for, it seems like, forever. We also have had much cooler than normal temperatures for this time of year.

Totally out of character, last Friday Mother Nature played a trick on Seattle. At my house it did this:

No chance of riding on the weekend!

Today, Tuesday, the sun came out, the roads were dry and the temps were near 50. I decided my little Suzuki needed to get out of the garage. I filled her up with new gas, and rode to work. The Suzuki seems small to me now, but very familiar. It is the bike I learned to ride on and gain my confidence. Now when I ride her, I want to pick up speed, tear up hills and toss the cycle around the corners. The Boulevard S-40 is so light and responsive that I can see why people have a lot of fun riding her. My husband got her out a few weeks ago on the freeway and was proud he had her up to 80mph. She will go faster, but not with me on the seat!

It is starting to cloud up again, but today the roads are dry and I am happy to be out. If we could only get more than a day at a time of good weather, I would be even happier.

Now I must go watch NBA Playoffs………


Mr. Motorcycle said...

Sorry to hear weather isn't cooperating so much. It is just finally starting to in Minnesota.
God luck,and hope you get some consistant riding weather soon.

Dean "D-Day" said...

I feel your pain. Spring has been slow in coming here in Wisconsin as well. Even though I've had "Dixie" ready to go for a month now, I've only had maybe half a dozen ridable days. Keep the faith. Our two months of summer is coming. (Man, being a biker in the North sure stinks!)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Obviously, Mother Nature doesn't ride motorcycles! Hopefully it will melt off soon! Come on down South, we'll take a good long ride and show you some sights!

Becky said...

Mr. Motorcycle: Things should shape up soon. I can't imagine living in Minnesota, with the coldest winters.

Dean "d-day": It's so sweet when you finally get nice riding weather. Winter is soon forgotten.

Lady ridesalot: I lived in Georgia for a few years in the late '70s and I remember how hot the summers were. I didn't ride then, so now I would appreciate the lack of cold.


Ronman said...

Becky I got a call from my friend out there in the upper left over teh weekend. He was complaining about the snow too. Oh well spring is a tricky time of year. it won't be long though and you'll be riding every day. Think of all the awsome views you have out there. That should make up for some lost riding time. You can make most of us jealous with your scenery alone.


Becky said...

Ronman: When I moved to Seattle the locals told me that the rain is just a myth to keep people away, and it really doesn't rain all the time. I think they were in a coffee stupor......it rains constantly. The scenery does make up for it though, when it is nice enough to get out.