Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Vulcan Recall Final Installment

I am back on the road again. What a relief it is. I got the much anticipated phone call from my dealership saying I could come by today and just have my Vulcan inspected for the faulty clamp that caused the Recall. I rode the bike to work ( oh, I shouldn't have) and then over to the dealership during after-work commute time.

My dealership is so cool. They moved a couple of years ago into a larger facility. The service department has its own entrance where you just ride up, wait for the automatic double doors to open, and just ride on in. When I got there today there were 3 guys waiting to greet me. They had already written me up and took the bike right in. I wandered over to the retail side of the place, gandering at the shiny new Honda Shadows, Triumphs, and Goldwings. I didn't get very far until I realized they might have coffee. It turned out they had free hot coffee and it was very good too.

Before I finished my cup, the guy came to tell me my bike was ready, AND I passed inspection! No part needed; it's all good. I hopped back on my bike, put on my gear, started it up, and rode out the double doors as the same 3 guys stood there and watched me go. It was actually a fun experience and I talked to the guy who yesterday had first told me the part wouldn't be in all month. He said they haven't had to replace a part yet, and have done several inspections this week.

They took pretty good care of me, and since I've been in to them twice this month I think they will remember me when I go back for more service. I don't plan to need it anytime soon.

Now I can plan that trip to Bandon, Oregon. I'm thinking about 4th of July week. Part of the fun is planning and looking at maps. Looks like luggage is my next purchase.

I can't wait to ride to work again tomorrow. The sun will be out and I might just take the long way home.


--xh-- said...

thazt a good news... so u can ride peacfully. part fun of biking is taking care of the bike yourself. Try to gets your hands dirty and try fixing the bike whn needed - it will save you trips to service station a lot :-D

Lady Ridesalot said...

Hooray! I'm glad your back on the road with peace of mind! I'm just sorry you still had to experience the anxiety of the whole thing, and not knowing when you may be road ready. I guess you are just living right, Becky! Ride on! Lady R

Becky said...

xh: I haven't gotten familiar with my Vulcan as far as working on it. My better half doesn't like to wrench so I'm kind of on my own to figure things out. My dealership seems to treat me right so I'll stick with them if I have something I can't take care of.

Lady Ridesalot: I wouldn't say I'm living right....just persistant. Thanks for the support.


Ronman said...

Great to hear you didn't need a replacement part Becky. Oh and the joys of taking the long way home. I just love reading your post and getting a feel for how much you enjoy your scooter. Keep us posted ma'am.


mrs road captain said...

Looks liie good things are happening all around this week. Joker finally got some boots he can wear, and your bike is on the road with minimal hassle! I can feel it -- something is in the must be riding season!! :-)

Becky said...

Ronman: Thanks for the kudos. I do love to ride. Sometimes my depressive personality keeps me from doing just that. Then I can hate myself even more for not riding when the sun is out.

Mrs. Road Captain: Thanks for visiting. It's good to hear Joker has boots now. He'll be riding happy this summer. Still raining here in Washington. It will never end. I am considering riding anyway in spite of it.


irondad said...

Everyone loves a happy ending. Bandon, huh? I was just there a few weeks ago. What's the attraction? Let me know if I can help with planning. I'm about a half hour South of Salem, OR.

mrs road captain said...

I just spent 3 days in Salt Lake City (at a math teachers convention...don't ask). It's just as cold and rainy there as it is at home in Delaware! Does mother nature have something against us bikers?? Bad weather seems to be pervading the entire country!

Becky said...

Irondad: My aunt lives in Bandon. She is 81 and lives alone, so I try to go down and check on her every couple years. This is a good destination ride. I'm planning to go down highway 1 once I get into Oregon. Unless there are too many RVs going too slow and then I will reroute.

Mrs. Road Captain: Where's that global warming Al Gore keeps talking about?