Friday, March 7, 2008

Nice 105th Anniversary Edition Harley

I saw my friend a few days ago, the one who sold us his Victory Kingpin. He had a brand new 2008 Harley Heritage Softail Classic-105th Anniversary Edition. I guess they are coming out with a new ‘special’ edition every five years. What great marketing.

The Harley was beautiful! I especially liked the two-tone leather seat, black on the sides and brown down the center. The color scheme is black and orange, Harley colors. The studs accent the seat and saddlebags, so the bike shines. Take a look for yourselves. Isn’t it a beauty?


"Joker" said...

Yes, she's a beauty alright. That's how my bike wants to be when she grows up. The Anniversary Copper and Black two-tone paint is a nice touch, and I agree with you about the seat. Nothing quite like a new Harley!

Lucky said...

It's pretty, but what's that clear plastic thing in front of the handlebars and over the headlight? Seems superfluous. ;)

--xh-- said...

whowa! shez a looker :-D when the time is right, i want one of them to go touring... :-)

Camron said...

Ya know, When Harley decides to celebrate, they sure can do a pretty Job of it! I was working in a Dealership when The 100th Anniversary bikes came out. Pretty badges, & cool paint schemes, but for some reason the Anniversary bikes don't usually hold their value as well. The badges & anniversary packages date the bikes too much, I suppose.
I agree completely about the looks and I love the two-tone seats!

Becky said...

Joker: I still think the seat is the coolest feature.

Lucky: How funny you are. Most people in the Northwest have windshields, because the air is cold. It can be removed in the summer.

xh: You definately should get a Harley for touring. They turn people's heads as you go by.

Camron: Too bad the anniversary editions don't hold their value as well. I think they are overdoing it with the anniversary editions every five years. They won't be as special after the 3rd or 4th time.


Rick said...

I simply can't get into Harleys. To each his own I guess.

GAWO said...

Yes, this one is a beauty!!