Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Dreaded Kawasaki Vulcan Recall

Usually I am anxious to go out and check my mailbox each day to see what the Postman has brought me. Yesterday, he brought me the dreaded letter from Kawasaki. I opened it with reluctance.

I had been given a 'heads up' by a fellow blogger, the "Joker". He had commented last week that there might be a recall on my '07 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic. He was right. It affects all '06 to '08 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Classic, Custom, and Classic LT models.

The letter says that my bike might have a problem with the fuel hose connection to the fuel injector delivery pipe. The hose could come off, creating a fuel leak resulting in fire or explosion that could cause injury or death. Great!


Now I am to call my dealer and schedule an appointment to have it checked. I don't know how they think I am supposed to get it there if I can't ride it.

The frustrating thing to me is that I just had it into the dealer's the week before the 'official' recall date for its first oil change and maintenance. I think my dealership knew about the recall at that time, but couldn't check it then. It pisses me off that I will have to take it back in, schedule an appointment at a place that usually can't get you in for a week or more, and then hope it doesn't need a part or something that they don't have in stock. It's getting riding weather, Man.


irondad said...

I would never, ever, do this except in unusual circumcstances. Should I pray for more rain than usual until you get the bike back on the road? You realize the sacrifice in this don't you? I'm only 250 or so miles South and could get wet, too!

Hang in there. Your dealer probably had to wait until they were sure Kawasaki would foot the bill. Too bad customers often get the short end of these things.

"Joker" said...

Sorry to have been the bearer of bad tidings Becky...I had only your safety in mind.

What a sham about the dealer - you bet your sweet bippy they knew about it when your bike was in there. Some corporate mucky-muck probably told them to keep quiet about it until, like you say, it was "official." Bastards.

Hopefully you'll be able to get her back in and get it taken care of, with minimal loss of riding time. Try to resist the urge to leave your boot-print on someone's behind whilst you're there!

Lucky said...

Can you take the Victory out when you start moto-jonesin'?

Becky said...

Irondad:Your prayers have already been answered because it should rain all week. I called and the dealer has to order the 'part'. I'll keep riding until it comes in; and between rain storms.

Joker: I won't hold it against you. The dealer seemed to know when I told him which recall it was. They are going to call when the 'part' comes in.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Boy, that sucks! But, we don't want you to all of a sudden become the firestarter! Better to be safe than sorry. You mentioned in another post, you have another bike, maybe you can get it out for some exercise.
You can bet, your not the only Kawasaki owner who will be in "line" for the part. We hope your back on your Vulcan very soon. Ride Safe. Lady R.

bikerted said...

I know it's a bugger when things like this happen. Ian bought his Guzzi and on the way home the rear shocks exploded! There had been a bad batch. Lucky for him he had not fully recovered from an accident so couldn't ride far anyway. We have had new footboards on order for over a year and they have just been obtained along with a new rubber for the rear stand. While we are on the subject we have had problems getting a new seat lock as these are now discontinued as the bike is 10 years old. That's it I'm off my soapbox now and there is no way we will get rid of the Guzzi.
Recalls seem to happen on a far too regular basis, be it bike or car. It feels like the buying public are becoming the crash test dummies.
On the bright side at least it is not yet the full riding season. Heres hoping it gets sorted out quickly for you Becky.

Becky said...

Lucky: I never even thought about riding the Victory. I guess it seems like too much bike for me. Good idea though.

Lady Ridesalot: I do have a small Suzuki Boulevard I can take out if I need to. I guess I was the first one to call about the recall, because they didn't seem to be set up to handle it yet.


Crusty's Advise.... said...

Hey Becky, sorry your ride will be down, but thats the world we live in. There is a good chance that there is nothing wrong with your bike, but its better to be safe then sorry. If you keep up on any recalls there won't be a issue down the road if something does happen. Luckily your brand has few problems with quality. -Crusty

Camron said...

Wow... If I was suddenly told I couldn't ride Kate, I think I'd be camping at the dealership until the part came in... Is it here yet? Is it here yet? How about now, Is it here yet?.. I wish you luck for a speedy turn around.
Oh, And, no, The Victory is not too much for you. Even though they have a powerful motor, they also have very smooth control systems that make them easy and comfortable to ride.
Thanks for keeping us informed.

Liz (rippin-kitten) said...

Argh, what a complete ass-pain! Hopefully you can get it in there quickly and get back to riding soon.

Becky said...

Bikerted: Sounds like Ian has had alot more to put up with than me. I guess if getting parts was easy we wouldn't have anything to worry with. We ARE the crash test dummies; good point.

Crusty: I'm happy to know there aren't many issues with quality on my Vulcan. I like to take chances, and would still be riding it if it weren't for the SNOW we've had this week in Seattle. Happy spring.

Camron: It's been all week and I haven't heard that my part is in. I WILL be calling them repeatedly until they get on it.

Liz: Thanks. We had freaky snow this week so I'm not riding. It doesn't hurt too bad to wait, but I will be on the dealer to get on the ball!


Ronman said...

Look at it this way Becky........you are the reason all the other Vulcan owners will hopefully not have to wait so long for their parts. In my mind that makes you the HERO!

Ride Safe


Rick said...

Better safe than sorry!

Becky said...

Ronman: I think I did get the ball rolling at my dealership.

Rick: I'm into danger. That's why I ride. If I want safe I ride in my car.