Thursday, March 13, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

I have been delinquent with my writing recently. I am training a new employee at work, so have been busy every second of the work day. I have had no free time which means I haven’t even had time to check other's blogs, and keep up on what is new with everyone. I like a little relaxing time during my day at work…….they pay me for it.

The other thing keeping me busy is that I’ve started selling items on E-bay. It is like another full time job. I can’t do anything else in the evenings except list items, package items, check my bids, etc. I am obsessed with the process, and it’s fun.

So I finally decided to take the Vulcan down to the local Cycle Barn to get it’s first oil change and maintenance check. It was supposed to be done after 600 miles. I have 750 and didn’t want to quit riding it. I left it there last evening, with the promise that they probably couldn’t get to it until Monday, next week. It’s raining cats and dogs every day lately, so I was in no hurry.

Today I came home and had a message that it was already done! I think they wanted to get it done for me, particularly as a female. You can tell when people put in the special effort. I appreciated it. It was raining so hard tonight I will wait and see if it’s dryer tomorrow evening and I’ll go pick it up. They said it was being washed, and I thought that was great. I have never washed the bike since I got it in late October. I don’t ride in the mud, and just dust it off every time I ride. I’ll be she’ll look sweeeet when I pick her up.

I’ll be ready to ride for the summer after this so now I need to get off of E-bay and start planning my summer rides.


bikerted said...

It seems like as soon as Spring is in the air we all wake up and get busy! Ian has been working on his Round Britain Rally landmark list for the event.
We have also been to the last sand race meeting for this season and are going camping this weekend.
Ian has a weeks holiday coming up so I will try and get him to help me out on my blog.
I have not yet caught E-bay fever but you never know when it will strike!
Ride on Becky.

"Joker" said...


I saw a post on the Motorcycle Views blog that might interest you:

I don't know if you knew about this or not, but if it is accurate then your ride is affected. Thought you'd want to know.

BTW, I also do a blog:

Please stop by and visit when you get a chance.

iburyem said...


Spring is taking WAY too long to arrive. Thank God it's only 2 days away, officially. However, OK weather is so unpredictable, who knows.. Good luck planning your rides!

Becky said...

Bikerted: Yes, it does seem like we are all getting busier. That's a good thing. I hope to have time to ride with all that is going on lately.

Joker: I stop by your blog often, but haven't had as much time lately to do so. Thanks for the info on the recall. I had mine in the shop the week before the recall was issued, darn, I'll have to take it back. I think mine is affected.

Iburyem: Glad you stopped by. I haven't had much riding weather here lately either. Tomorrow may be the only chance, so I plan to ride.