Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Took a Nice Sunday Ride

This past Sunday was the first sunny day we’ve had since I can remember. It’s funny how the memory goes when the sun never shines. I knew it was going to be a great day to ride, but when we woke up it was freezing outside. We had a waffle breakfast, and then waited until noon until it looked like the temps were going to reach the mid-40s.

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We got ready and decided to ride north to Marysville, take a left and follow Marine Drive north to Stanwood. Then we would go over to Camano Island and stop for lunch. That is exactly what we did. It required some freeway riding up through Everett and once we got off in Marysville, it became scenic vistas of green, grassy fields and farms, and above them in the far distance were the rugged, snow-capped Cascade Mountains. The sky was azure blue which brightened up everything below it.

Although the sun was out, and by then the temps had reached around 50 degrees, it was chilly while riding. My guess is about 40 degrees with the wind chill. So we stopped and had lunch at a little place on Camano Island. It turned out to have good Mexican food, but we felt like we had been their only customer that day. I think it was a new place. I had a hot bowl of pozolé soup, and coffee to warm up. That did the trick.

We headed back the same way we had come, and this time saw fields of snow geese that were solid white from a distance. Their long necks were sticking up and it was a sea of white. It was awesome, but I couldn’t stop to take a photo! We went through Lakewood and passed the top of Lake Goodwin on the way back to the freeway. The area was very rural, green and scenic with great riding roads. By the time we got back on the freeway it was crowded with Sunday evening traffic. There is always a rush of traffic heading south from Canada and northern ski areas on Sunday night. We had a good ride home and were glad to get home because the sun was heading down and it was getting colder fast. We logged 100 miles round trip for the day.

It was a great Sunday ride. Monday was also a warm day but I didn’t ride because of other commitments. I plan to ride to work Thursday morning and play it by ear after that. Looks like rain is coming back, but we might have a chance to ride this coming weekend. I can sure taste the oncoming of riding season, and am planning accordingly.


Camron said...

Looks like a beautiful ride, Although it does sound a little chilly, but what can you do? I hope to get up that way on the bike someday, myself.
Good luck on riding tomorrow.

--xh-- said...

glad to knwotaht u ahd a pleasent ride. nice fotos. hope you get to ride more often :)

bikerted said...

Water and mountains in sight - looks like an idea place for a ride. Hope Ian will take me out again soon.

Crusty's Advise.... said...

Nice ride Becky, very nice pictures too!. Snow heading my way for tomorrow :(

irondad said...

Thought I would drop by and take a look around. Nice place, here! I have to ask. What's pozole' soup?

Rick said...

Nice ride!

Becky said...

Camron: It was chilly but I'm sort of getting used to riding in the cold. I'll be happy when I can quit using my winter riding gloves!

xh-: It was a fun ride but not long enough.

Ted: You need to get out more...

Crusty: Sorry about the snow. You could always move to the west coast!

Irondad: Pozole soup is a spicy broth with hominy and mine had pork chunks. It's a mexican soup. The spice was just right to warm my bones.

Rick: Thanks. I like your new shirts and other items. Top notch.


Lady Ridesalot said...

Looks like you had a great ride and some beautiful scenery. You have inspired me! My Hubby and I ride just about every weekend. I've decided I need to start carrying my camera and snap off a few shots while we're out. We see the same thing all the time, but to new eyes, I think we have some pretty nice roads that make biking fun! Lady R

"Joker" said...

This is just what I need to see as I watch the snow coming down outside! The next 6 weeks can't go by fast enough for me.

Anonymous said...
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Ronman said...


Great ride ma'am. I fell in love with Washington back in 05 when I flew out there to visit a friend. The next time I get there it's gonna be on two wheels.......and from the rumors going roung our little riding group hopefully it's gonna be next year. Thanks for sharing your pictures so that I don't forget the beauty of the upper left.


Becky said...

Lady Ridesalot: It would be lovely to see photos of the area where you ride. I take photos everywhere I go, but it is sometimes hard to stop when you're riding with others or the scene you want does not have a safe stopping place.

Joker: Sorry about the snow. I've heard its more than usual this year.

Ronman: Thanks for the comment. This area really is a beautiful place to ride. It's so diverse. Summer is the perfect weather to ride here.


Jovita said...

WOW great pictures, looks like you had a wonderful day!