Saturday, February 16, 2008

It’s Time to Vote Now!

The MBI Riders Choice Awards for 2008 are upon us. As my readers I encourage you to go on over to: and cast your vote. You are choosing the best for noteworthy achievement of 2007. You have the choice to select these categories:

The Best Concept Motorcycle or Scooter
The Best Manufacturer’s Website
The Best New Motorcycle
Most Environmentally Friendly Motorcycle
Object of Lust
Thumbs Up
Wish We’d Thought of That
Women Riders Booster of the Year

Then there are the worst, or a serious lapse in judgement in 2007.
Chose from these:

Most Disappointing New Motorcycle
Thumbs Down
What Were They Thinking?
Worst Manufacturers Website

Head on over to: and cast your vote. It is important to vote and help give credibility to the industry. Motorcycle bloggers are beginning to be taken seriously so lets make it happen!

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:) greetings from one MBI member to another.