Monday, February 11, 2008

Hit By The Winter BLAHS

I know I’ve been slacking on the blog. I've finally been hit like a brick with the winter slump. The whole trip to the Bay Area was great, but rainy and stormy the whole time. I saw exactly 2 motorcyclists the whole 3 days I was there, riding in the rain, of course. By the time we got back to Seattle, the sun decided it wouldn’t come back for a few weeks. Now I am in such a funky state that I’m talking myself out of riding even between storms.

Sometimes I do that to myself. I sink so low that I don’t want to do anything, all I can think of is riding, although when it warms up and the roads are dry for a bit I still somehow miss the window of opportunity. Then I kick myself for not riding and the cycle begins again.

It’s only a matter of time and the world will look rosy again. This week the Bay Area is having lovely temps in the 60’s and sunny. Go figure.

I still hold out hope of riding again someday and taking off on an all day trip to nowhere!


--xh-- said...

kit urself and ride out - that is teh best cure :-) waiting for your ride log...
(btw, itz raining here for teh last 2 days, but only at night. so, last sunday went for a 3 hour night ride, just to enjoy the rain ;-) )

--xh-- said...
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Crusty's Advise.... said...

Hi Becky, Up here in the North East i spend many a Winters day planning my Spring and Summer rides. Studying my maps, looking online, researching historical places i want to visit. The reality is i actually get to do only a small percentage of the rides i plan, but the few i do are very special. As i have gotten older, time just seems to fly by. Here it is mid-February already! Spring will be here before we know it and that warm sun will be shining on your face once again. Hang in there my friend ;-) -Crusty

BumbleVee said...

Do you have any other hobbies?
In Canada, we are stuck waiting for ice and snow to melt to the point where we can get our bikes out to the main roads..never mind rain. sometimes if we figure we could ride on the mains..we will be stupid enough to get help and push, shove and hold our bikes up for a block of slippery stuff just to ride around on dry roads. but, even then it is not good... especially if the street sweepers have not been by to clear off all the sand and gravel...kinda like riding around on marbles. This year I am just going to wait. But...I have plenty of other hobbies to keep me occupied...and I also do my spring cleaning early so I don't waste any good weather doing that! Of course, the bad thing is, that when good weather does roll around..I also want to garden and golf... sigh...just not enough of the right days when we want them. Oh, for that magic wand to wave first thing in the morning eh? ..for just the right kind of day. I mean, even in the great weather, it gets too hot for complete protective gear...then who wants to ride either? Can't win.

"Joker" said...

Hi Becky,

I'm only an hour or two East of Crusty and I'm more than ready to come out of hibernation myself. A crack-up made me miss the last 6 weeks of last riding season, so I'm itching to get back out.

Enjoy your chances to get out in-between the squalls. Like Bumblevee said, around here, even when you can get out, there's so much sand it's like riding on marbles ( I love that line! ).

Ride Safe!

Becky said...

xh: I've decided to ride tonight and tomorrow is actually looking like a rain break.

Crusty: I love to plan rides too, but you can only dream so much and then you have to get out and do it!
That's where I am right now.

Bumblevee: Yes I have hobbies. I knit, I read, I watch much TV and don't apologize for it, and many other things. They don't fill the hole that riding does. Our roads are all gravelly too, just have to be careful on curves.

Joker: Hope you can get out safely and ride this season. I know you miss it.

Thanks to everyone for the support. It helped. Things are looking brighter....


Ronman said...

Ah yes! I think the trips to nowhere are the best of all.........

Ride Safe,


Chopper Man said...

Well, least you have sporadic chances to ride. We here in Maine are totally shut down from riding until April or May. Not only that, the roads here suck for us that ride rigids, the frost-heaves are hell!

I envy people in California... maybe I'll move there some day.

Well, just wanted to say hi and kinda introduce myself. I'm "Chopper Man" from Maine and I love things that go "PUTT-PUTT".

Oh, and check out MY blog if you get a chance. ...It's