Monday, February 18, 2008

Excellent Blog Award

I've been honored by Linda over at Raven's Roads with the Excellent Blog Award. This means alot to me. Thank you very much.

Now I am to pass it on to 10 other excellent bloggers. These are some of my favorites: Biker Ted Diaries, written by a bear touring on a motorcycle in U.K., Europe, and Scandinavia; Dante's Dame which is a fascinating pictoral blog of a Northwest female motorcyclist; Glider Rider a fairly new blog by a female rider with great articles; The Great Motorcyle Pizza Tour. Who couldn't love a blog about riding, pizza, and beer! Moto Adrenaline is about a couple in Texas who ride together; Musings of an Intepid Commuter is written by a fellow Northwestern rider who also causes you to think; Slablog written by a teacher in North Georgia who talks about motorcycles and various other things; Riders on Adventure is a great travelogue of riding trips; Rides Roads and Ronman an interesting blog with ride reports; and last but not least, Vicki's Blog written by Vicki Gray the motorcyclist and promoter of International Female Ride Day.

I hope I've given you some food for thought or mentioned a blog you may not have seen. I think they are all EXCELLENT!


bikerted said...

Wow, thanks for the honour Becky. It's a good job I've got my shades on so you cannot see the tear in my eye!
I only started the blog this year and I have many more tales to tell. I am just starting on the next adventure so I hope that it will be as interesting as the Norwegan one for you.
We are jealous over here as we are itching to get on the road again but Ian is having a new exhaust made for his Suzuki and the Guzzi is booked in for several jobs at the bike shop in March. Ian and myself have a rally sorted out before Easter that I cannot wait for.

Ride On


--xh-- said...

wow, congratzz on the award. u really deserve it. congratz to all teh otehr award winners too... you have given me lot of links to excellent biker blogs :-)

--xh-- said...

wow, congratzz on the award. u really deserve it. congratz to all teh otehr award winners too... you have given me lot of links to excellent biker blogs :-)

Crusty's Advise.... said...

Good Job Beck ;-)

Lady Ridesalot said...

Atta Girl! It's nice to be recognized for your great talents. Your blog is very informative and interesting. I enjoy stopping by to see whats new. Thank you also, for the Honorable Mention! I guess this means no slacking. I'm just glad I found an outlet for my creativity and my gift of gab! If I can take the edge off of someone's bad day with a little humor and shared experiences, then so be it. Ride on and ride safe! Lady R.

Ronman said...

Way to go Becky on your award! I love stopping in to see what's going on in your world. I must say I was blown away that you mentioned my blog. Thank you very much ma'am. I'm honored and humbled by that.

Ride Safe


Road Captain said...

Congrats Becky, I'm getting jealous of all your rewards and recognition you are getting. Keep up the good work!

Becky said...

Ted: Your blog is very unique and I enjoy seeing and hearing about places I will never go.

-xh-: It's always fun to find new blogs to check out.

Crusty: Thanks very much

Ladyridesalot: I enjoy your blog and the ride reports. Many people live for those this time of year.

Ronman: You're very welcome. I enjoy finding new blogs and yours is interesting.

Road Captain: Thanks. It seems you got the same award, so I was jealous of you first.


Phil said...

Hmmm?...My how time flies. It seems that sometime in February I got mentioned as one of your 10 best motorcycle blogs. Thank you for that, and now I will pay more attention to those little 'linky' blurbs I see on my admin page. I still don't have a clue about RSS feeds, trackbacks, and link stuff.
Here it is June. Floods in the heartland. Drought in the southeast. Fires in the west, and predicted gas costs ringing in higher than my first motorcycle was brand new. I guess I need to go for a ride.

Jerry said...

Congrats on your award! Thank for the mention of our blog. We appreciate it. have a safe day!

Jerry & Jamie