Monday, February 11, 2008

Book Review – A Little Twist of Texas by Linda R. Moore

Shortly after I began my Biker Chickz Blog, I started looking for other female motorcycle related websites. There weren’t many, but one that I found right away was Raven’s Roads. The website is authored by Linda R. Moore, a British lady who writes books, articles, and who now has several blogs. She also uses her motorcycle as her main transportation.

As I became familiar with the Raven’s Roads website, I kept coming back to see what was new. I soon noticed that Linda had written a book about traveling from the Silicon Valley in California to a writers convention in Texas, on a motorcycle and by herself. It was called, “A Little Twist of Texas”. I ordered the book through Raven’s Roads right away, and received a personally autographed copy from Linda.

I began to read the book last fall, when I had only been riding my little Suzuki Boulevard S-40 for a couple of years. The concept of riding alone through the desert and facing the challenges of mechanical problems, weather, and other hazards was something that had never occurred to me. I began reading the book and was glued to it from the beginning. Linda described herself as an introvert, who is not really mechanically inclined. How could she put herself in such a scary and uncomfortable situation? The unknown lay ahead. She writes the book in a way that it seems you are right there with her. I felt that our personalities were similar as she describes her thoughts along the way.

Through many trials and detours from the original plans, Linda makes her way to the convention and back to the Silicon Valley. The book, ‘A Little Twist of Texas’ is an adventure waiting to happen, and opened my eyes to what I might be capable of doing. I developed a new attitude after reading Linda’s book, and have learned about other women who’ve traveled far away on motorcycles. I soon went out and bought a larger motorcycle, so that I wouldn’t be limited for any ride I planned. Now I believe anything I can dream of is possible, and I don’t have to analyze it and plan it to death. On my next trip I will go with the flow, see what comes along, and enjoy every day! Thanks Linda.

You can purchase Linda’s book through any of the Raven’s websites. It is also available from other book purchasing resources. The book is an inspiring read.


--xh-- said...

great inspiration.. :-) when i did my first road trip, i didnt had any precuations.. no tool kit, no planning... the only protective gear i had was an open face helmet, and the bike was a puny 100cc bike, which wont go above 80kmph. i did around 550 km on that trip - it was a one day trip; and never looked back..

Linda R. Moore said...

Oooh...thank you so much for the lovely review! I really do appreciate that and am so glad that you enjoyed the read. :)

Of course, if you get the book from my site, I'll sign it :)


Becky said...

xh: I am still amazed by people like you who can be so spontaneous.

Linda: You're very welcome.