Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Winter Depression and Motorcyclists

I’ve been reading a lot of motorcycling blogs lately. In doing so, I have discovered a few new ones that I didn’t previously know about. That has been exciting to find new people in different parts of the country who love to ride motorcycles and blog about it, so others of us can come along for the ride.

The sad thing that I have noticed is the winter depression that starts to invade the motorcycling blogs. I have noticed people talking about selling their bikes! And there are several blogs who are closing their doors and folding. It is sad to see a good blog go. There are many who have not updated for months, or even years, and are still on people’s blogrolls. I can imagine that if you aren’t riding and you begin to let other interests take priority, then blogging about motorcycles can become a chore.

I am still trying to ride on the warm (?) and dry days(!) and it still depresses me to think about how long it is until Spring. The days here are getting longer (yay) and soon it will be light for a while after I get home from work. That is when I try to sneak in a ride in the evenings. Soon we’ll be getting more dry days and temps should start to creep up in the daytime. Then the weekend rides become a reality again.

It is frustrating not being able to ride enough in the winter. I find that as I go to sleep at night, I start imagining myself getting on my motorcycle. I think about what it’s like to take hold of the handgrips, and taking off down the street. I shift gears, dream about the wind whistling through my helmet, and the feeling of whizzing down the road to freedom. In my mind I can go there, take a ride, and come back home safely and satisfied. I dream about where I may go next summer. The maps are poured over and the imaginary routes are pondered.

As you sit in your warm home and wish you could ride to parts unknown, remember that you can be there in your mind. Spring will be here before we know it, and then we’ll all forget the winter blahs and hit the roads once again. And those of you thinking about getting rid of your bikes………think long and hard. If you really don’t enjoy riding, that’s one thing. If someone (a spouse, for instance) is ‘making’ you get rid of your motorcycle……you have bigger problems!


Biker Betty said...

For me, spring will be here before I know it. I get out when I can. Last winter I got out a lot more because I was a stay-at-home mom and did afternoon errands on my bike when it was a bit warmer.

I also get together usually twice a month with my motorcycle group, the Mountain Shadow Riders - a chapter of Women on Wheels. We always have a chapter meeting and a family dinner night each month. That helps to keep our spirits up. Even if the weather is bad enough that we have to drive our cars to get together, we do it. That is a fun group.

Crusty's Advise.... said...

Hey there! I know exactly what you mean. Being in the motorcycle industry, i am very concerned that people are leaving the sport. It has alot to do with the state of the economy unfortunatly. True motorcyclists will ALWAYS find away. My goal this year is to organize fun ride days that won't cost anything to ride. I think many riders are burnt out on "charity" events and are just looking to have fun. Us MotoBloggers can do our part by showing that no matter how tough things can get, riding your motorcycle can make lifes stresses go away...even if its just for a few hours at a time! -Crusty The Biker

Becky said...

I've tried joining a women's group, but never got to ride with them. I tend to be a loner, so enjoy riding alone or alongside my husband. I'm really not comfortable hanging out with people, although I try to. Looks like this weekend I may get a ride in....


Becky said...

Fun rides are great, with no expenses but your gas and food/beverage. Just getting out in the wind, alone or with friends changes my attitude and outlook on everything. I think I may squeeze a ride in between rain this weekend.


Guzzisue said...

as you have probably noticed from the blog, if we can't get out on the bike then we try and find bike events to go and watch ( although hubby went to his first bike rally of the year last weekend)