Friday, January 11, 2008

Northwest Motorcyclist

I found this picture today here and had to post it. This is what happens when you ride alot in the Northwest rain......You turn green and start hoppin'


AtlasRider said...

Wow that is a weird picture. Look at how high that front fender is?!? Oh and there appears to be a frog ridding it to, hum :P

Rick said...

Riding season will be here before you know it! That is one ugly frog!

Crusty's Advise.... said...

ohh baby! hot babes on bikes....gurrrr. Wait a minute...that is a chick frog right? -Crusty

bikerted said...

Just because he has heard of Biker Ted he has to go and hop on the bandwaggon!
Thanks for your encouragement on my blog. Will try to get up to date as quick as my paws will let me type.
keep the shiny side up and your knees in the breeze.