Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Fun Read: Lois On The Loose by Lois Pryce

To alleviate my frustration of not being able to ride my motorcycle lately, I decided to do the next best thing. Read about it. I love books and owning books, so I went online to see what was there. I had a gift card for Barnes & Noble. For those of you who haven’t heard of, ‘Lois On The Loose’ you are really missing out. I thought the description sounded fun so I bought it. Was I in for a surprise?

I can’t put the book down! It is written by a gutsy British lady who decides to ride a motorcycle solo from the Alaskan wilderness to the very tip of South America; as far as the roads would go. She does this on a Yamaha 250cc Serow dirt bike. The trip is remarkably thrilling to hear about, and her writing is such that you follow along as if you are riding along with her. She has a sense of humor which really comes through in the book. I’ve fully enjoyed the read, which I don’t do much of, by the way.

The book only seems to come in hardback in the US, but I’ve enjoyed that feature as I’ve held it and read it. I will be reading it again and sharing it with others, so I’m glad now that it’s a hardback. Lois has inspired me immensely, and now I am planning a longer ride than I’ve ever done. She makes you realize that anything is possible with the right attitude and a sense of humor.

You can see photos and learn more at her website- Lois on the Since writing this book she has done another ride through the African Continent on a similar small motorcycle. She has another book coming out in June, ’08 about the African trip. You can find out more about what Lois Pryce is up to at her website.


Road Captain said...

Congratulations on being featured as the blog of the week by Clutch And Chrome. I was featured last week and the recognition was fun.

Linda R. Moore said...

Cool! *adds to list of books to read*

Rick said...

Thanks to your suggestion. I picked this book up at the library and am reading it to my wife at night. We are enjoying it.

Becky said...

Road Captain: Thanks very much. It is the honor that keeps on giving!

Linda: This is a must read. And I did read your book, A little Twist of Texas, and loved it. I should do a review, huh?

Rick: That is so sweet. I've never had a man read to me. It's great that they carry that book at the library. You'll love it.