Thursday, December 13, 2007

New Weather Station

I have always loved weather - I mean observing it, paying attention to it and to the way weather interacts and affects everything. As a motorcyclist, I am very attentive to the weather at all times. When I am inside at work all day, I am looking out at the weather wondering if it is going to be suitable for riding.

I have put a new feature on my sidebar that is a nice weather station that I noticed on KT DID's blog. You can do a search for your city if you live in the US or Canada. There are many others to chose from at The Weather Network. Mine shows the weather in Seattle, WA which is taken at SeaTac Airport. I live 40 miles or so north, so my weather is sometimes different than Seattle. Usually colder and more snow/rain than Seattle. But it's close enough. I like that I can see the full forecast.

I am hoping that there are others out there who love the weather as I do. I check it frequently and look at the sky often. If you're like me, and like to see what the weather is like in other places, then enjoy. Who knows - there may be a window of opportunity to ride!


CJ said...

Hi Becky - Great blog! I think it's awesome you are still riding in December. I just winterized my V-Star 650 a couple of weeks ago. We had a big snowstorm here in Mass yesterday so no more riding for a while.

blogtommy said...

Well at least if the rain let's up the temps stay decent for riding in Seattle. I'm just about 5 miles south in NE Oregon where it rarely rains but she can get cold this time of year!

Cool Vulcan...course I love Red!