Monday, November 26, 2007

The Coolest Headwear For Bikers

Last year at the Seattle Cycle World International Motorcycle Show there was a guy demonstrating these cool head wraps called a BUFF®. I was enthralled by the unique way these tubes of microfibre fabric could be turned into over 12 different items that were useful for motorcyclists.

The BUFF® was invented in Spain and is still produced there exclusively. There are hundreds of patterns and designs to fit anyone’s taste or interest. The buff also comes in different weights and fabrics so can be useful in any walk of life. I bought the ORIGINAL BUFF® which seems to be useful year around and is lightweight but effective to reduce wind chill while you’re riding in the cold weather.

I had to have the design with the black background, deep red roses, and small skulls interspersed among the roses. It's called Roses&Bones. I love it. I ordered it online at, because my local motorcycle shops had never even heard of the BUFF®. I guess they don’t get out much. So when I received it and opened the package, I thought it was kind of cheesy for the price I paid. I was wrong… I began to play with it and try to change it into the many configurations the package showed I became more enthralled. You can turn it into so many useful items and the more you play with it, the more items you discover.

As the website shows, it can be a neck gaiter, beanie cap, headband, hair scrunchie, mask, neckerchief, balaclava, bandana, scarf, wristband, foulard, saharaine, pirate cap, etc.

This is an amazing help to motorcyclist, horseback riders, and outdoorsmen of any kind.
It’s comfortable, thin enough to fit under your helmet, and folds up small enough to fit into your pocket easily. They can be rinsed in soapy water and air dry in minutes, or it can be machine washed, but not dried. I may have to buy another one as I seem to be wearing this ORIGINAL BUFF® constantly, even around the house!


Scooter said...

I own a Buff too from a site called I have the blacj bandana design. I agree, you can use it to do almost anything exceot make coffee. Its the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Becky said...

I've grown to love my buff. I hesitate to take it off even when I need to wash it. It's the perfect weight fabric.


Marie F said...

I agree- Buffs are the best! I am a runner and working with Planet Buff- they are helping me raise funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. You can see my site at, get free shipping and win a chance for a hundred bucks of buffs to be drawn in May! I have about 10 Buffs and keep looking at the different designs and buying more. I think they look great and work great, too!-Marie

Superfly Industries said...

I like motley tubes as well. When I read that these can be worn 12 different ways I was reminded of my many motley tubes that will be coming out of the closet real soon. Motley tubes are similar in the various ways they can be worn. They are usually a polyester or fleece material. I like the polyester myself, more breathable. I like how the motley tubes can be worn around your face, but can still be tucked into the top of your shirt to keep the wind off of your neck and from going down into your shirt from the top of your collar. Both very nice items for riding and/or winter apparel. IF you have not heard of the motley tube simply google it. You'll find them there. I had no idea motley tubes existed until I opened my store and now this is the first I have heard of these. I will be checking these out as well.