Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ride to Edmonds, Washington

My brother came to visit me from California for my son’s wedding. He has ridden motorcycles for years so I was anxious to go for a ride with him.

One day we had a small window of time with no commitments so we thought we would go for a ride. I found that one of my older helmets fit him well and my husband had some gloves that he could use. He would ride my husband’s motorcycle and I would ride my own and lead.

We got the bikes out of the garage and warmed them up. My brother has an ‘80’s Ninja 600cc, and the ’69 Honda 450cc that I posted about previously. My husband rides a Honda Shadow ACE-750cc. It is a cruiser style which has a very different feel than the upright bikes he was used to.

The weather was cool and brisk, and cloudy when we left my home. Edmonds is situated on the Puget Sound so there are almost always sunny skies above the town because of the marine layer of warm air over the water. As we got closer we could see the sky open up above the water and sure enough, it was sunny when we got there. We stood and admired the Washington State Ferries, and the islands that you could see far off in the distance. The water was bright blue and a little choppy, but the only miniature crashing waves on the beach were caused from a fast boat passing by. Across the water was another peninsula with tiny houses dotting the shoreline.

We took some pictures and talked about how the cruiser’s foot pegs and controls were moved far forward from what he was used to, but he was starting to get familiar as we went along. When we’d enjoyed the view and taken ample photos we decided to leave.

We had a good ride home on a different route with a few twisties through the woods. I enjoyed riding with my brother which I hadn’t had the chance to do before.

Maybe one of these days he’ll let me try out his Ninja……


Anonymous said...

Hi Becky,
I enjoy reading your writings. Oddly, I just assumed your brother was Dave's brother - must have been the similar color of their hair I thought I saw!

It's been fun for you, what with your son's wedding and all, to have family up.

Take care,

Becky said...

Thanks Marian. It was fun to have them come here for a change.


Harley Krishna said...

I still want to know why we bikers all give each other the "two finger wave" on passing. It's not like we all know each other or will ever see each other again.

Becky said...

I think it might be because we feel something in common with other people who are out in the open like us. Especially in the cold....