Friday, August 17, 2007

The two-fingered high five

The first time I rode out of my neighborhood I was exhilarated. I was out on the back roads and I was a new female motorcycle rider. I am always conscious of this. When you are new, every ride is glorious and leaves you wanting more.

So a motorcycle passed me and gave what appeared to be a wave. I waved back. The next biker passed and waved the same way. This time I realized it was a two-fingered wave and the fingers were pointing down. Not up like a peace sign.

It was the biker signal, the two-fingered high five, the symbol of the community of bikers, the realization that we are all of like mind. We bond because we are willing to be unprotected and travel with no hindrances, so that our senses can enjoy everything we experience as we go along.

I sent the signal back. As I rode more frequently I realized almost all bikers signal to each other - except large dudes on Harleys, who only signal to other Harleys.

I ride a 2005 Suzuki Boulevard S-40. It is a perfect size for a female’s first bike. She’s a cruiser style bike. It’s very easy to handle because it is light. There is only one cylinder, but it has a powerful 650cc engine so has lots of “get up and go”.

I got a little cocky and started signaling every biker I passed. I was one of the gang. I love the community of bikers because we all have a common passion for motorcycles and riding them. Most people you meet are very nice, friendly, and supportive of new bikers.

Then one day I signaled to a large black and white motorcycle that I saw coming towards me. It was a policeman – OOOPS! He didn’t signal back. He was on a real nice Harley.

Since then I give the two-fingered wave to anyone who gives it first. It feels good. There is a silent communication among motorcycle riders. It is like I am accepted into their club.

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j.ganem said...

Go get 'em Becky! You're inspiring me to get a bike, too. Let's ride...