Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today was a great day for riding in the Northwest

It isn’t often we have such a beautiful, warm, summer-like day that just begs you to ride.

I woke up this morning and knew this would be one of the last perfect days before it started raining again. I got ready for work and got the Suzuki S-40 out of the garage. It is a cruiser style bike and I think of it as my “little Harley”. I started her up and got my gear on which is a ritual for me.

On the way to work I am always thinking “what a beautiful day” because I am riding and also because I love the mornings - once I crawl out of bed. I had a fine ride to work today with less traffic than usual. So I got to work on time!

I had a date at lunchtime to go meet some old co-workers and hear about their experience last week at Sturgis. I rode over to meet them and the day was noticeably hotter by that time. I was dying to hear the stories they would have to tell, and see pictures, etc. Turns out they had few stories except that everyone had a real good time. They rode a lot around Crazy Horse Monument and Mt. Rushmore and loved the ride. One of the guys has a gorgeous Victory motorcycle which he had trouble with. The starter went out and so for 3 days he couldn’t ride, until he got it fixed. They brought me a T-shirt with Sturgis Bike Week 2007 written over a couple of skulls. I love it! Some day I will go….

I went back to work eventually and found it hard not to look outside, looking forward to my ride home. I ducked out as soon as I was able. My ride home was uneventful but nice. I love it when I don’t have to ride behind a slowpoke or a smoking diesel pick-up truck. Today I didn’t have anyone throw a lighted cigarette butt out the window, knowing I am right behind them.

Lots of riders were out today and most were giving the biker signal to each other. It was a great day to ride around Seattle.

So many roads to travel
Not enough time


Santa Claus said...

Hi Becky. Very nice! I am impressed

JimiFinelynz said...

Cool! I didnt know your a biker mama!! Just finished building mine, Nates next!