Sunday, August 12, 2007

Love My Leather Jacket

As I go to the closet to retrieve my favorite leather jacket my sense of smell and pleasant emotions are awakened. It is a ritual while I am readying myself to ride.

I go pull the bike out of the garage, start it up, and come in to put on my gear. My jacket is first because I have already loaded up my saddlebags with the items I intended to take with me.

As I reach for the jacket my hand touches the soft, supple leather and instantly it takes my mind to the road. I take it off the hanger and the weight of the leather is reassuring. I know this jacket is my friend and will protect me from losing my skin if I ever hit the pavement. My senses are awakened by the smell, feel, and look of my favorite biker jacket. As I lift it up and put it on I instantly become happy. It takes me back to all the back roads I’ve covered, and the extremely hot and freezing days I’ve comfortably endured in my jacket.

It is getting a lovely dull finish now that I’ve ridden a couple of years in it. There have been many bugs removed from the front of the jacket. As I zip it up, it fits like a comfortable glove. I take my helmet out and head out to the warmed-up bike.

Now my adrenaline starts pumping because of the sound of the bike, the smell of the bike running, the urge to get going. I put my helmet on, adjust my bangs and hair that is sticking out, and buckle it up. As I hop onto the bike, I carefully put on each leather glove and zip up the corresponding sleeve of my jacket as I go.

Now I can’t hold back the desire to ride another second. I put the bike in gear and off I go……ahhhh - instant relief from all my cares.

So many roads to travel
Not enough time

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